A Quick Review (of my Stultified Brain)

Hey, remember that time when I said you shouldn’t set comestible rewards for coding failures? That was dumb. You should totally set comestible rewards for coding failures. And coding successes, for that matter. In fact, you should give yourself that kind of reward all the time! So let’s just pretend I never said that, k? K.

Alright, internet. We have a lot to catch up on. Last time I was here, I was about to start hacking into my Apache configuration files. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s zoom out to see what else has been going on over the past month. My last post was written and published  from the back of a lecture hall during one of the most stultifying courses I have ever attended. Though the subject matter (C++) is interesting, the professor managed to render it into enthusiasm-draining drudgery, leaving my mollified brain with little desire to write code after hours. Moreover, I was just starting on a series of site designs with short, drop-dead-style timelines, a couple of which were in a new content management system. Though the sites look good now, and I have learned that I really like Expression Engine, free time was not in abundant supply. Mere excuses, I know, but there you have it.

More notably, my web application project had reached a point where my work was no longer system-independent. I tend to code on several different computers, each running a different OS. Nominally, these should all be able to access websites in the same way. They aren’t, however, equivalent in how they serve up locally-hosted websites. So my task to configure the server software on each machine rapidly became a software-specific, documentation-diving, computer-internals-spelunking adventure. Well, not so much an adventure. More of a nightmare. And it didn’t help that my desktop died halfway through. (Not badly: I still have all my files; I just had to reinstall everything.) I think…insha’Allah… I’m almost at the point where I can get back to the interesting stuff — the application code. I just need to make a couple more tweaks to the new virtual host on a couple machines, and recompile PHP on my Ubuntu box (I bet you didn’t know that mod_php5, Apache’s PHP module, knows a wicked disappearing trick, did you?)

So, good news: I’ve almost got things back to a working state. Better news: I took my C++ final last night! Now I’ll never have to deal with that professor and his stupid class again. I should really be kinder to him: he was well-meaning. But there are only so many times I can stand to hear him repeat his empty “right?” and “umm” and “so” in that damn nasal drawl before I want to chuck the entire C++11 standard at his head.

In other news, my office was recycling some miscellaneous hardware a few weeks ago. Guess who got some new toys?

Dual Monitors & Speakers

Dual monitors & speakers, plus some missing connections for the printer. Just don’t ask what the wiring behind the desk looks like.

  1. @stupid higher education: HA.
    @I think you should fit more computers on your desk.

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