This just in: I hate Apache config files. I’ve been trying to set up the server software on my computer, but not only are the directives difficult to sight-read (to use a musical analogy), but the documentation seems particularly obtuse. Maybe I shouldn’t be too harsh; after all, the intended audience consists of  professional server administrators. But still! How is someone relatively new to the application supposed to approach it without shooting themselves in the foot? Even when I’m confident enough to try a particular set of directives — and consequently witness it fail miserably — I don’t have any reliable way to debug the setup short of returning to the documentation to find what I misunderstood.

In other news, I can let myself become very engrossed in C++ multi-threading, if only because it keeps me distracted from Apache config files.

Since I haven’t come up with something reliable enough to talk about, it’s time to pull out more food. (Note to self: be wary of this strategy — don’t set consumable rewards for coding failures.) This here is probably my favorite steak recipe of all time. I discovered it late in my college career, when a few friends and I established a monthly “Extravagant Cooking Night.” The “extravagance” in question was variable, but it was a fun opportunity for broke, dorm-kitchen-numbed, but nevertheless enthusiastic students to throw together some meals that we never would have otherwise.

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Howdy. I’m in Russia. (Ok, not anymore, but I wrote most of this last week.)

I just wanted to get that out of the way, because I think it’s awesome and worthy of attention. Also, it explains why I haven’t been doing too much since around Christmas. I’ve been spending all my time between the opulent museums, palaces, & churches and hidden little corners of St. Petersburg. It’s fantastic and wonderful and I’m having the time of my life. I am not, however, accomplishing much on my computer.

That said, traveling is a mixed blessing when it comes to coding projects. Even though the art and history and architecture and LIFE of the city is distracting, I also spent a lot of time in planes and airports to get here. As it turns out, restricting oneself to 3x3x5 cube feet of space for 22 hours is pretty good incentive to write some programs — games, in this case — offline. Though I suppose Tetris would have been more appropriate given my destination, I used the journey to implement Conway’s Game of Life.

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